Recommended Podcasts

These podcasts may assist you in your classroom (it is always advisable to sample materials in advance to ensure suitability within your own teaching context) or serve as professional development on the go!  You may just enjoy them on their own merits!



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Inside Education
Hosted by Séan Delaney and seeks to offer “an Irish perspective on education for all who value teaching.”
Boys Don’t Try?
Three experienced English teachers from the UK discuss the issues that were highlighted within the book of the same name
The Cult of Pedagogy
Experienced and passionate US educator Jennifer Gonzalez reflects on — really anything to do with teaching!
Humourous retellings of classic stories from a modern narrator.
Myths And Legends
Humourous retellings of global myths, legends, and folklore from a modern narrator.
Narrative takes on dark stories from history.
Noble Blood
The stories of history’s most famous, and infamous, royals.
Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities
A couple of quick stories per episode that highlight weird and wonderful stories from history.
Imagined Life
An immersive story where you are encouraged to live out the life of a famous person. You do not learn their identity until the end!
Something Rhymes With Purple
Expand your vocabulary through this warm and funny look at how we came to use the words we do.
The Penguin Podcast
Famous authors are interviewed about how they write and what inspires them. They also explain the significance of three items that they have brought with them.
Fake Heiress
The story of how an ordinary woman convinced New York high society that she was a wealthy heiress and how everyone believed her.
Stephen Fry’s Seven Deadly Sins
Renowned actor/journalist/author, Stephen Fry makes a satirical examination of the idea of sin.
Shakespeare Unlimited
The Folger Shakespeare Library team interviews experts and explores the history and modern significance of W. Shakespeare’s works.
Unobscured with Aaron Mahnke
Each series takes a fresh look at a significant, and dark, historical event. Series One examines the Salem Witch Trials and Series Two the controversial Spiritualism Movement